Hidden Cameras for Spying
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Posted by Admin on October 18, 2012 in News | Short Link

A hidden surveillance camera can also be used for spying and not always in a lawful manner as this family found out the hard way. They found multiple spy cams throughout the rental property they were staying at in New Jersey.

“According to court documents, the vacationers called Suffolk County police, who searched the home the following day with a search warrant and found cameras hidden in walls, heating and air conditioning ducts, and electrical outlets and pointed directly at guests in the shower, hot tub area and multiple bedrooms, according to the lawsuit.”

Can you imagine arriving at your vacation spot, letting your hair down, and thoroughly enjoying your time when after a few days you find a slew of hidden cameras everywhere?

The guy says he only put them there for security reasons.  Really?! Pointed at the bedrooms and bathrooms?

The family say that he has recorded their “bedroom activities” as well.  How would feel if this was a video of you and it came out on YouTube?

Hidden Surveillance Camera for the Home
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Posted by Admin on September 14, 2012 in Home Surveillance | Short Link

It’s becoming more commonplace for homeowners to install a hidden surveillance camera. Where it used to be the realm of mostly business owners, now you can find a hidden camera for home just about anywhere.

The idea behind a hidden camera is to place a tiny video camera inside an everyday looking object that you can set out or strategically place anywhere in your home. Because it can be a clock, an air freshener, a boom box, or even an electrical outlet, no one will suspect that they are actually being secretly recorded.

Many of the newer models of a hidden surveillance camera now have the recording device built right inside of them so there is no need for extra equipment like there used to be just a few short years ago. Although still available, the old wireless cameras used to need a receiver that would pick up the video signal and then transfer it via cable to your separate recorder or computer.

While those still have their place in some applications, most homeowners opt for the completely self contained DVR systems that have everything they need already inside. All you really have to do is put the hidden camera where you want it, plug it in or it can use batteries, and then press record on a remote control.

The internal DVR records the footage to an SD card which you can then insert into your computer to view what the surveillance camera recorded. There are even IP versions that will connect with your home wireless network so you see what the camera sees live and in real time.

While these have a higher price tag on them, I suspect that an IP hidden surveillance camera will become the norm for most people when looking for their own nanny cam.

Among the most popular reasons for owning a hidden camera is for watching how their children are being cared for while the parents are at work or away. The peace of mind this gives knowing that they will still be able to see what happened if an incident occurs relieves some of the guilt associated with being a working Mom or just a couple for out for night alone.

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